About Us
At Tormenta, we develop editorial projects.

First the Idea

Our creative team has a brainstorm ("tormenta" means storm in Spanish, so now you understand our name, right?). An idea undergoes lots of twists and turns until becoming a final project, and most of them are discarded along the way.

In some cases, publishers come to us to ask for a book about a specific concept. They give us the concept and we take care of the rest. It's a challenge we love to meet!

It's not enough to just have a good idea: it needs to be shaped and nourished so it can become something more. We work thoroughly to create a unique story with unforgettable characters. Then, we develop the scaffolding for each book in detail.

Then, the Writing

Once we have the outline for a book, we select two or three writers to complete a writing sample based on the outline, which usually consists of a few chapters. We select the text that comes closest to what we're looking for, we revise it together with the author, and then we present it to publishers together with the rest of the material.

The Illustration

Illustration is the cornerstone of books for young readers and we love it. We put a lot of thinking into what illustrator best suits each story and we ask for a sample for the project. If it goes forward, the process for an illustrator working with Tormenta is practically identical to how it would work if we were a publisher. We're very proud of the artists who work with us. They're the best!

We Also Represent Authors

Besides developing our own projects, Tormenta works as an agency with a small group of authors. We guide them through the wonderful (yet sometimes confusing) journey to being published, working with the manuscript from its early stages, finding the right publisher for each kind of story and leading them through the rest of the process. We only represent works we feel passionate about.

And Finally, Publication

The bylines for all our books are collective pseudonyms, since various people have taken part in the development, but the author who has written each individual volume appears on the credits page. As for the illustrator, their role is just the same as when working with any publishing house.

We love communication and social networks. The launch of a book is just the start: we monitor our titles, generating contents for social networks and we love to interact with readers.

Likewise, our authors are also available to take part in signings and to give talks.

All this so that, at the end of the story, a boy or girl thinks: «This is my favorite book».