A Journey to the Centre of Magic The Great Adventure of the Magic Rescuers Sabrina Catdoor. Illustrations by David Sierra Listón.
Chapter book
176 pages, full-colour illustrations
Fantasy, Adventure, Humour
Rights sold: Spanish, Catalan (La Galera)
ISBN: 9788424673482
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Collection: The Magic Rescuers The Magic Rescuers

Lucas, Zoe and Marina are the Magic Rescuers. They travel together around the world of Imaginaria, rescuing dragons, unicorns and goblins. At least, until magic starts disappearing mysteriously. What is happening to the fantastic creatures? Who is behind all this?
The Magic Rescuers will have to join forces and go the furthest they've ever been: to the very origin of magic.
Time-travelling, spells and a great mystery to solve!