A Trip Through Lost Cities El Fisgón Histórico Age: 7+
96 pages, full-color illustrations
Global, Cultures, Ancient times, History
Rights sold: Spanish, Catalan (La Galera)
ISBN: 9788424666897
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Selected by the panel of New Spanish Books.

"An excellent way of travelling while learning some or quite a lot abour history." —La Vanguardia

This book takes us to history's most incredible forgotten civilizations. How their people lived, their most popular legends, their historical figures... With the help of The History Gossip, we'll be able to sneak into the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, attend a ritual at Machu Picchu or see what it's like to have fun in Angkor. Famous cities from the five continents such as Pompeii or Troy, as well as more mysterious ones such as Birka or Tikal. Cities of great historical importance that haven't reached our days but can be experienced through archaeology... and now, through this book too.