After-School Detectives 2 The Mysterious Theft in the Antique Shop Enrique Carlos Martín
Middle grade
224 pages, full-colour illustrations
Friendship, Mystery, Humour, Detectives
Rights sold: Spanish, Catalan (Planeta)
ISBN: 9788408270515
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Ms. X, famous investigator, is going through a rough patch. Since she was stung by the nap fly, she can’t solve a mystery without falling asleep in the middle of the crime scene. And everything gets worse when, due to a misunderstanding, she starts teaching in after-school activities. Anyway, while she is not a normal teacher, her pupils aren’t normal students either. Lena, Alex, Bruna and Henry soon decide to turn the after-school course into a detective agency, where Ms. X will be able to get her prestige back while the children have fun solving mysteries.