Animal Detectives 2 The Mystery of the Haunted Hive Woof Canis. Illustrations by David Navarro. Age: 7+
128 pages in color
Mystery, Humour, Adventure, Fantasy, Animals
Rights sold: Spanish, Russian
ISBN: 9788417390174
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This is me. My name is Woof Canis and I'm the best detective in the world.... and also one with two left feet. She is Minnie Felina: martial arts specialist, co-worker... and enemy! Who would ever think to put a cat and a dog together?

This time we're traveling to California. The forest animals are disappearing mysteriously and the Enigmatic Hive might have something to do with it. Its honey gives whoever tries it extraordinary powers... but with magical second effects. We'll have to shrink down in order to discover its secret!

  • Includes fun facts about the life cycles of bees.

  • For fans of animals and trips around the world.