Barren Alba Quintas Garciandia
Young adult
248 pages
Fantasy, Romance, Classic literature, History
Rights sold: Spanish (La Esfera Azul)
ISBN: 9788419472298
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"Alba Quinta's wonderful pen takes us almost poetically to a land that's been desert-like since Queen Death fell in love (...). A novel full of passion, conspiracy and search of justice". Karol Conti, El País.

"Wonderful characters and a beautiful story (...). It's a novel that leaves its mark". Arturo Urbanos, Avenida de los Libros (magazine).

Miracles and traditions have always fed the earth ruled by the Queen of Death. Nobody has ever been able to escape her bondage, not even her daughter Marianna – who is the image of life, ironically. Maybe that’s why she can’t stand the presence of her mother.
But everything changes when The Outsider arrives. Second Don Juan Tenorio, the Outsider is a man with a demon’s soul that will capture the queen’s heart, taking her away from her duties. And one of his sacrilegious acts will throw a curse on the land.
So, whilst Death is being seduced, the Saint Company will rise again from the dead and, if that wasn’t enough, the queendom will be devasted by an draught. Nevertheless, misery can spark the light, and soon some villagers will come together and plan a revolution, led by General Torrijos, They will try and overthrow the queen once and for all.
Fantasy, romance, folklore and a tribute to Lorca, Zorrilla and popular romantic style combine in this unique story that will bring every reader in the world to roots that are our own history.

The desertic echo was the only thing left. The floor’s thirst. The earth was dry and yet… words still hadn’t left him.