Blasted Curses #1 Rooster Head, Snake Tail Marina Tena Tena. Illustrations by Bartolomé Seguí. Middle grade
200 pages, full-colour illustrations
Mystery, Adventure, Siblings, Folklore, Humour, Family
Rights sold: Loqueleo (Spanish)
ISBN: 9788491225256
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Loren was a thirteen-year-old like any other... until his life changed completely: his parents fell in a bizarre sleep that doctors can’t explain. This is how he discovers that curses exist – and that they tend to be a problem. So it’s quite natural for him to yell “Blasted curses!” every time he is about to be eaten by a monster or transformed in a comb for a hundred years. Loren, with his sister Catalina (also lovingly known as “The Rat”) and both their tutors, will embark on an adventure full of mystery and action to break the curse that put their parents to sleep. But, for that, they will have to face loads of legendary creatures... and many more curses, of course.