Bombastica Naturalis Iban Barrenetxea All ages
48 pages, full-colour illustrations
Rights sold: Spanish (A Buen Paso), French, Japanese, Simpl. Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Polish 
ISBN: 9788493803629
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  • BIB Bratislava (Slovakia, 2011)
  • Winner of the Euskadi Illustration Award (Spain, 2011)
  • Finalist for the CJ Prize (Korea, 2011)

In rigorous alphabetical order, this book gathers the life and miracles of the well-known botanist Bombastus Dulcimer, creator of vegetal inventions such as the famour Aerostatic Pear or the Blunderbuss Olive Tree, the Carriage Pumpkin, the Mirror Daffodil and many more.
But wherever Bombastus and his inventions go, chaos follows and even the life of a usually calm town gets turned upside down. The reader will live the craziest adventures while reading some texts that, behind a cold encyclopedic appearance, hide clever reflections about life.