Dream Travellers Marina Tena Tena
Young adult
250 pages
Fantasy, Adventure, Horror, Dreams, Friendship
Rights sold: Spanish, Catalan (La Galera), Russian
ISBN: 9788424673895
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Finalist for the Kelvin 505 awards at the Celsius Festival.

“Reading Marina Tena’s work is always a treat. She manages to take you to any place and she always does it with the five senses.” —El País

Since he was very little, Lazarus has had the ability to travel through the dreams of others. It's precisely in a dream where he meets his best friend: Tana. But his story gets complicated when two events shake his life: the first one is that he meets Tana in real life, and she happens to be so different from the Tana that he knows that it's unbearable. And the second one (and the most serious) is that the two teenagers fall inside a dream from which they are not able to escape... and which starts consuming them day and night.