Fantasyburg 1 The Mystery of the Fluorescent Unicorns Daniel Drac. Illustrations by Bea Tormo. Age: 8+
192 pages, full-color illustrations
Fantasy, Humour, Mystery, Parody, Siblings
Rights sold: Spanish (Anaya), Korean (Pink Whale), French (Hachette)
ISBN: 9788469847190
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When you go to school with unicorns, dragons and werewolves, the freak is YOU.

Fantasyburg is the secret city of all fantastic creatures: here dragons, unicorns, mummies, werewolves, mermaids all live together peacefully... and they get along just fine without humans sticking their noses into their activities. That's how it's been for centuries, until a misunderstanding at leads the family to the city. Tania is a fan of fantasy stories. Gon is used to being the most popular in class. But neither is prepared for life in a fantastic city.
The appearance of a strange pandemic turns the city upside down. The unicorns are suffering from rainbow flatulence, they levitate at midnight and their skin has turned fluorescent. When the inhabitants of Fantasyburg discover that the family aren't vampires but are in fact humans, they blame them for the plague. Tania and Gon will have 24 hours to find the cure and save the city... and above all, to stay in Fantasyburg, their new home. A race against the clock with colorful farts, magic apple cookies, and a slippery culprit.

Alert! Contains high doses of:
  • Mystery: a book, a fantastic case to solve.
  • Action: short chapters, incredible scenarios.
  • Humor: unique voices & super-fun illustrations.