Fantasyburg #2 The Mystery of the Know-it-all Sphynx Daniel Drac. Illustrations by Bea Tormo. Age: 8+
192 pages, full-colour illustrations
Fantasy, Humour, Mystery, Parody, Siblings
Rights sold: Spanish (Anaya), French (Hachette)
ISBN: 9788469847206
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When you go to school with unicorns, dragons and werewolves, the freak is YOU.

Tania and Gon have become accustomed to life in Fantasiburgo: the dragons' supermarket, the siren concerts and the TV shows of orcs. But their tranquility comes to an end with the arrival of Nene, a shy sphinx who is the new support teacher.
Why do adults disappear from school? Does it have something to do with the tiger that has escaped from the zoo? And above all: why the sphinx teacher never asks the students, if she is a teacher and she is a sphinx!?

Alert! Contains high doses of:
  • Mystery: a book, a fantastic case to solve.
  • Action: short chapters, incredible scenarios.
  • Humor: unique voices & super-fun illustrations.