Heart & Seoul Silvia Aliaga and Tatiana Marco. Illustrations by Inma Moya.
Young Adult
660 pages, B/W illustrations
K-pop, Friendship, Dreams, Romance, Music, LGTBQ+
Rights sold: Spanish (Nocturna)
ISBN: 9788416858774
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Collection: Heart & Seoul Heart & Seoul

Winner of the Avenida award for Best National Saga 2020.

Paula is a young dancer who's newly arrived in the Korean capital. A few weeks ago she got a curious job offer and abandoned everything to settle in Seoul. She?s about to immerse herself in the world of K-POP, the Korean pop music phenomenon that is triumphing around the world.
Cris is a young British girl with a terminal disease who journeys to Seoul with a single goal: to give back a necklace to a K-POP superstar whose path crossed with hers in England. She has something important to tell him.
Jay is that superstar, a member of the band R*E*X. He's lost touch with his old friends and the future of the group is in danger. Being a K-POP idol isn?t as wonderful as it looks in the videoclips.When the fate of these three strangers intersect, their lives will change forever.

The novel that fans of K-POP have been waiting for.