How to Succeed on the Internet in 7 Days David Gamero. Illustrations by Valentí Ponsa. Age: 8+
224 pages, bitone illustrations
Humour, Internet, Social media, Siblings
Rights sold: Spanish (Fun Readers), Korean (Totobook)
ISBN: 9788494841347
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David Gamero used to have a normal 11-year-old-kid life. Normal grades at school, normal friends, and normal looks.
His sister Angie, one year older than him, is used to being the star of the house, but all of that changes when the two start competing to make the best video on the Internet... and David becomes a viral sensation, much to his dismay. What happened with the cat really WAS an accident! Seriously!

This isn't just the story of this year's top YouTuber: it's also a step-by-step manual that anyone can follow to become a YouTuber in just 7 days.