How to Survive in... Ancient Egypt The History Snooper
Age: 8+
144 pages, full-colour illustrations
History, Curious facts, Biographies
Rights sold: Spanish, Catalan (Edebé)
ISBN: 9788468361765
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If you think that History is boring, that’s because you don’t know it! Life in the past could be really complicated, with lurking dangers all around you. For example, think of Ancient Egypt. Horrible heat? A whole life building pyramids as a slave? Invasions from neighbour kingdoms? Crocodiles from the Nile?
Luckily, the History Snooper is here to help you! With this useful guide, you will learn all the tricks to infiltrate naturally in Egypt and avoid all the threats that you can come across. Maybe you’ll even become a pharaoh, join a temple or become a dignified scribe... without losing your head!