I Feel Awful, Thanks Lara Pickle
Graphic novel
Mental health, Personal growth, Fantasy
Rights sold: Spanish (VR Editoras), French (Hachette), English
ISBN: 9788412578157
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Joana is a lucky witch. All her wishes are coming true! She has just got the job of her dreams in her favourite city, London. It's perfect!
Nevertheless, she will soon that reality is not so idyllic. Finding an appartment is rather difficult, work can be stressful and she feels lonely.
Little by little, she will find her place, but tiredness, sadness and doubts won't let her be... Why? She doesn't have big problems, she should be happy...
Joana will discover that, in order to take care of herself, she will have to know herself... Even if it hurts.

Discover this journey to self-love among potions and emotions.