I, Rachel Pris #1 My robot's got a problem! Gabriel García de Oro. Illustrations by Anna Franquesa. Middle Grade
112 pages, full-colour illustrations
Adventure, Technology
Rights sold: Spanish, Catalan (La Galera)
ISBN: 9788424670931
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2058, a world full of robots and a girl that says she is normal.

"My name is Rachel Pris and I am... how to put it? A normal girl that lives in the year 2058. Of course, it's quite odd for someone to say that they are not normal. Not even super-super-special people go around saying that they are super strange and super different and super cool. That would be... super foolish? So, that's it. And, anyway, it's not the case. Only normal things happened to me. School, homework, parents who didn't want a robot at home. Wait. This is important. I will tell you about it a little later...".