Little Camelot 1 What a Wonderful Sword Sabrina Catdoor. Illustrations by Alicia Warhola.
First Readers
48 pages, full-colour
Learning to read, Adventure, Humour, Fantasy, Friendship
Rights sold: Spanish (Anaya), Catalan (Barcanova)
ISBN: 9788414335130
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Everybody knows about Camelot, home to the mighty Arthur and his knights. But what happened before that, when the kingdom was just a village and Arthur and company were still just a small group of friends? Scaredy-cat chevaliers, smart princesses, cheeky magicians... It’s time to meet not only Arthur, but also Guinevere, Merlin, Morgana and Lancelot. Are you ready to join them in their crazy, funny adventures? In this first volume, all the town of Camelot will get crazy about a magical sword that no one can’t get out of the stone. But there will be one kid who will unexpectedly be able to do it... Now he only has to learn how to use it!