MultiCosmos #1 Pixelated Virtual Adventures Pablo C. Reyna. Illustrations by Luján Fernández.
Age: 8+
Adventure, Video games, Mystery, Friendship, Action
256 pages, B/W illustrations
Rights sold: Spanish (Penguin Random House)
ISBN: 9788490435731
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The Five Masters of MultiCosmos are pleased to announce the biggest competition in history, an exclusive challenge for the bravest, most experienced, most daring Cosmics: the search for the Diamond Trident*, the most valuable treasure ever hidden, the weapon that makes its owner invincible.
Multicosmos is the most fabulous game on the planet, a virtual universe where the players can build houses, establish businesses, make friends, accumulate experience, and test their abilities. Can two normal kids get their hands on the most coveted prize in the world?