MultiCosmos 2 Trapped Without Wi-Fi Pablo C. Reyna. Illustrations by Luján Fernández.
Age: 8+
Adventure, Video games, Mystery, Friendship, Action
192 pages, B/W illustrations
Rights sold: Spanish (Penguin Random House)
ISBN: 9788490435915
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How do you survive summer camp without Internet connection when you are the most famous player in the game (and your parents don't know it)? Another adventure in the coolest virtual game: MultiCosmos. Do you remember the boring surface of hormitron? The nasty Mobs that came out at nightfall? Forget all that! The most prestigious Builders of MultiCosmos have reset the microworld to create the most amazing planet in the universe, the site of the MegaTournament. The most exciting competition in MultiCosmos will happen in the summer and User Number One can't miss it... There is just one problem, one tiny detail: his parents have decided to send him with Alex to scout camp where, evidently, there is no wi-fi. How will he be able to compete in the most incredible tournament in MultiCosmos history?