Myths All Around The World El Fisgón Histórico
Age: 8+
96 pages, full-colour illustrations
Myths, Cultures, Tradition, Global, History
Rights sold: Spanish, Catalan (La Galera)
ISBN: 9788424674557
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“Get ready to travel around the world like you’ve never before (...). You’ll be impressed!” —Petit sàpiens (magazine)

Why do seasons change? How was the world created? Why are there so many different languages? Many cultures around the world have tried to give an answer to these questions, and for that they have come up with myths.

From Ancient Greece to China, from the Maya civilization to the lost islands of Hawaii... The world is full of wonderful myths that talk to us about magical creatures, horrible monsters and powerful gods... And now you can find them all in this complete book by the History Gossip. Are you ready to travel around the world?