Of Wolves and Gods Marina Tena Tena
Young adult
328 pages
Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Myths, Epic
Rights sold: Spanish (Fandom Books), Russian
ISBN: 9788418027819
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Selene, goddess of the moon and magic, is furious: her creatures, the lycanthropes, have stopped protecting the woods, causing the death of her twin brother Salt. That’s why she descends to the Earth, decided to bring death to the undignified lycanthropes.

Sierra, a young warrior from a lycanthrope tribe, is one of the wolves who receives the goddess’s punishment: she loses her lycan part and her tribe forgets that she exists. On the other hand, Nestor, the young seer of the tribe, discovers in his dreams that the last hope remains in waking up Ferner, the first warrior, so that he can help the lycanthropes in their battle agains the gods.

Decided to save their tribe, Sierra and Nestor will travel through the woods, where they will be confronted by many enemies. They will have to be strong, trust each other and risk everything in order to survive. Although this horrible situation will of course bring questions. If their goddess is causing all of that, is she really good? And what about them? Can they make their own choices? Or are they just players in the gods’ games?

War between humans and lycanthropes is imminent, but the mortals are the ones fighting this battle.