Parent Tamers 1 The Toilet Treatise Rock, Paper and Scissors. Illustrations by Iris Amaya. Middle Grade
220 pages, b/w
Humour, Adventure
Published in Spanish by Alfaguara IJ
ISBN: 9788420440804
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The ultimate treatise on how to tame your parents, by professors Rock, Paper and Scissors!

Pedro, Paloma and Tiago are fed up with their parents not letting them do anything they like. To make matters worse, they've just found out they're all moving to a different city, just out of the blue! The three siblings will have to work together to hatch a plan if they want everything go back to normal - and while they're at it, why not set up a clandestine parent taming school? Their classmates are going to go nuts when they see the foolproof techniques they've come up with! Would you like to know what they are?