Pete Saurus 1 A Prehistoric Mischief Pablo C. Reyna
Age: 5+
128 pages, bitone
Humour, Adventure, Fantasy, History
Rights sold: Spanish, Catalan (La Galera)

ISBN: 9788424673024
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Winner of Torre del Agua Award Best Novel for First Readers 2023

Welcome to Atapuerca! Introducing one of the first kids in the world. Achoo!

Like Mona Sapiens, inventor (although she never gets it right on the first try); Crok Magnon, the strongest kid of all (and also the brutest); and Pete Saurus..., the only one who doesn't have anything special.

At least, until he gets covered by one of Mona's magic potions, which turns him into a dinosaur. Achoo! Except when he sneezes... and he turns into a normal kid again.

In this first adventure, Pete and his friends will have to encounter the Monster of the Caves. A monster that is not what it seems.