Pete Saurus 3 The Great Frost Pablo C. Reyna
Chapter book
128 pages, bitone illustrations
Humour, Adventures, Fantasy
Rights sold: Spanish, Catalan (La Galera).
ISBN: 9788424674175
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Everything seems normal in Atapuerca, but one day it starts to snow and it doesn’t stop. Winter seems to last forever until a stranger arrives: a woman named Philomena, who says that this eternal winter is a curse and she, and only she, has the key to end it. She will make the people of Atapuerca go through different challenges, such as exchanging clothes, eating less and living in the worst caves... But can this really end the curse? No one knows, although Mona Sapiens has her doubts... but one day, Pete Saurus will come across a huge discovery, and that will throw him towards the greatest adventure he has ever faced... Will his powers be enough to get out of this mess?