Ready, set, go! 1 Alert: new guy Andrea Tomé. Illustrations by Anna Franquesa.
Middle grade
240 pages, B/W
Friendship, sport, inclusion
Rights sold: La Galera (spanish and catalan)
ISBN: 9788424673987
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3, 2, 1... A new series about athletics, friendship and inclusion has arrived.

Enri Baquero was the fastest boy in his town. The problem? That was last year, when the town was so small that every time they went on an excursion they had to put all the schools on the same bus. Now that Enri and his family have moved to the big city, will he still be the fastest of them all? Enri won't have an easy time fitting in. The coach gives him more of a hard time than he's ever had in his life, and the rest of the kids on the team make him feel like a vacuum. Will he be able to prove to everyone that he can be trusted?