Robotters #3 Sparks in London Tom Helix. Illustrations by Alexis Barrio. Ages 8+
192 pages, B/W
Genre: Humour, Programming and Adventures
Published by Penguin Random House (Spanish and Catalan)
ISBN: 9788417460594
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Collection: Robotters Robotters

B-R4IN, Gala and Hugo's robot, needs an URGENT repair. But in order to fix him, they don't just need any old screw. They have to find a diamond? from THE PAST!

To get their hands on it, they'll need to sneak into the Tower of London and make away with one of the Queen of England's jewels? but nothing is going to turn out as expected! Mayan emperors, royal guards and ninja spies make an appearance in a story that will make you laugh til you cry.

Will they be able to travel in time without blowing up in the attempt?