STARS 1 The Academy of Our Dreams Mairena Ruiz. Illustrations by Lara Pickle.
Middle grade
168 pages, B/W
Friendship, Art, Music, Mystery, Humour
Rights sold: Spanish, Catalan (La Esfera Azul), Portuguese (A Esfera dos Livros), Russian
ISBN: 9788419472076
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Collection: STARS STARS

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Ali loves dancing. There's nothing in the world she enjoys more, and that's why she takes part in an Internet challenge with a video of one of her choreographies. But she can't even imagine what this is going to bring! She will be called to go through a casting and, before she realises, she will find herself at the Academy, in London. But everything will get complicated when some of the other girls start suffering little accidents that get them disqualified. It seems that someone is trying to sabotage the launch of the new band.
Will Ali and her friends solve the mystery? And, above all, will they achieve their dream of succeeding in music?