STARS 2 Time to Shine Mairena Ruiz. Illustrations by Lara Pickle.
Middle grade
160 pages, B/W
Friendship, Art, Music, Mystery, Humour
Rights sold: Spanish, Catalan (La Esfera Azul), Russian
ISBN: 9788419472304
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After the summer that changed their lives, Ali, Tara, Sun-hee and River embark on the incredible experience of recording their first album. But things are not easy; they have to face what fame means, including receiving loads of good (and bad) comments on social media, weeks of hard work with almost no time for themselves... Quickly, Ali’s insecurities start coming up, specially when the record label shows them their first single, made with algorithms... and Ali doesn’t like it. She doesn’t mean she knows more than the professionals she works with, of course, but... It just doesn’t sound real. She wants to do something authentic, like the anonymous artist she’s discovered online and that suddenly has become her friend... Only that she really doesn’t know who he is. 

Will she discover it, and, above all, will STARS be able to really shine like they want to?