The Adventures of Thor 1 The Quest of the Hammer Erik Todensson. Illustrations by Valentí Ponsa. Middle Grade
224 pages, bitone illustrations
Adventure, Humour, Fantasy, Myths, Friendship
Rights sold: Spanish (Penguin Random House), Turkish (Parola) 
ISBN: 9788427221482
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A new Middle Grade trilogy that combines Norse Myths with fun!

Thor and Loki have made Odin mad again, who bans them from auditioning to become Gods. But instead of sitting back and doing nothing about it, they embark on an adventure across different worlds to prove their power, all while unexpectedly becoming protagonists of several myths. After getting hold of a chariot and a few goats, they travel to the country of giants to get their hammer back. Luckily, they'll have Freya by their side, another aspiring Goddess who'll refuse to take the cutesy role the myths have reserved for her.