The Box Liébana Goñi Yárnoz
Picture book
36 pages, full-colour illustrations
Imagination, Adventure, Mystery, Arty
Rights sold: Emonautas (Spanish), Portuguese
ISBN: 9788412359749
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Winner of the Festilij Picture Book Award 2023

Mika loves Sundays. It’s the day in which she can draw, read, play with her cat Mittens... She also loves going into the garden and chasing birds and insects, but today she will find a surprise. In the middle of the garden, she will come across... a box!
Whose is it? Where does it come from? But most importantly, what’s inside? 
Mika and Mittens will imagine all kinds of explanations for the origins of the box... and, almost without noticing, they will get to spend the most adventurous afternoon of their lives!