The Carpenter's Tale Iban Barrenetxea Picture book
48 pages, full-colour illustrations
Rights sold: Spanish (A Buen Paso), Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian, Slovenian
ISBN: 9788493941420
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  • Libro Kirico Award (Spain, 2011).
  • Euskadi Prize for Children's Literature (Spain, 2012).
  • Recommended Title, FNLIJ Prize (Brazil, 2016).
  • XXVIII Prize of Young Literature (Italy, 2017).

Firmin the carpenter, the best that's ever lived, has the mission to replace the missing limbs of warring Baron Von Bombus, reaching such spectacular results that the Baron's desire to fight will grow stronger and stronger.
A story about the importance of doing things good, and which, in spite of its simple structure, opens up to different interpretations and reminds us about that phrase to invoke good fortune that the Baron applied so enthusiastically: "Knock on wood!".