The Chasers #2 The Secret Power Mara Blefusco
Middle Grade
220 pages
Adventure, Mystery, Science fiction, Siblings, Action
Rights sold: Spanish
ISBN: 9788412355918
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Collection: The Chasers The Chasers

What if you only measured a few inches and had to live hiding from the humans?

After her first mission, Sasa is finally respected by her clan, but there are still many mysteries waiting to be solved. The LAEXHU laboratories still threaten the chasers, no matter how much they try to ignore them!
Of course, Sasa and Film are not going to resign themselves to hiding. The two siblings, alongside their funny friend Flea, are determined to go back to the streets of the great city, where they will have to face rabid beasts, tightrope walking and very strange machines.

A great adventure for little creatures.