The Contest of the Grandparents Pablo C. Reyna. Illustrations by Eugenia Ábalos. Middle grade
168 pages, B/W illustrations
Humour, Friendship, Family, Mystery
Rights sold: Spanish (Loqueleo)
ISBN: 9788491224051
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Shortlisted in the Honour List elaborated by the OEPLI - Organización Española Para el Libro Infantil y Juvenil (IBBY of Spain), 2022.

They say that the northern wind of the valley brings misfortune. Will its inhabitants manage to get away from the old curse?
Kiko, Angi, Tono and Carmen have spent the whole year getting ready for the great youth contest. They need five grandparents in order to participate and they don't have any, but when they post an add on the Internet, everything will change.