The Great Book of Schools Violeta Cano
Age: 7+
64 pages, full-colour illustrations
History, Curiosity, School, Games, Interactive
Rights sold: Spanish, Catalan (Inuk Books)
ISBN: 9788416774982
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A book about the most important place in the life of children... finally explained for them and with a bunch of curious facts!

OK, you know your own school... What do you know what school was like in Ancient China, for example? And what about Egypt, or the Middel Ages? Did those children study the same things as you?
Join us in this voyage all through history and the world, starting with the first ancient schools and ending with contemporary novelties, such as the Montessori method or video call schooling... book about the development of schools and teaching, covering different periods and cultures, in a very approachable way. Are you ready for this trip?