The Irregulars of Nanking Road Silvia Aliaga. Illustrations by Inma Moya.
Young Adult
352 pages, B/W illustrations
Detectives, Mystery, Friendship, Romance, Murder
Rights sold: Spanish (Nocturna), Russian
ISBN: 9788418440342
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Everyone knows who Sherlock Holmes is. But who knows the Irregulars, his street informants?

After the death of the famous detective, the group of the Irregulars disintegrates and Emma, an eagle-eyed girl, moves to exotic Shanghai with her eldest sister. It's time to straighten out her life and do something worthy.
There she meets Jonathan, the shy heir to the hotel where she works, and Shaoran, a boy that works at the reception. And just when Emma seems to have found some stability at last, she comes across an enigma: some disturbing threats, guests that aren't what they seem... and a corpse in the presidential suite.
Emma and her new friends will try to solve the mystery against the clock. And that way, without even realizing, they will face the first case of the Irregulars of Nanking Road, the Asian delegation of the London gang.