The Legend of the Forest With No Name Pedro Riera
Age: 10+
304 pages
Animals, Solidarity, Frienship, Human values, Peace
Rights sold: Spanish (ebook and audiobook, Saga Egmont)
ISBN: 9788728515099
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Winner of the CCEI Award (2008).

Animals of different species live in harmony at the Forest With No Name. This is the story of its origins.

Insects, birds, mammals... They all arrived in the Forest running away from hunger, war, servitude and injustice. After crossing a dangerous, desolate area, they found a place that had survived the Great Devastation - a forest where they could all live in peace. There arrived a deer, a mite, a raven, mice, a goose, a wasp and a crab. There were no chiefs or clans nor leaders - they just lived following the principles of mutual respect and equality.

Pedro riera won the CCEI Award in 2008 for this children's fantasy novel, where he explores a utopic society that allows him to highlight the relevance of human values that make the world a better place. A beautiful and educative reading for the youngest.