The Magic Rescuers 10 The Forbidden Book Sabrina Catdoor. Illustrations by David Sierra Listón.
Age: 6+
104 pages, full-colour illustrations
Genre: Fantasy, Humour, Adventure
Rights sold: Spanish, Catalan (La Galera)
ISBN: 9788424670887
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Collection: The Magic Rescuers The Magic Rescuers

Beyond the cat door a journey full of adventures begins in Imaginaria.

Grandma Amelia is a very famous writer. Lucas, Zoe and Marina can't wait to read her last book, but, when they attend the presentation in a bookshop, strange things start happening. Talking encyclopedias, pages that lift from the floor... and some naughty creatures that want to cause chaos in the event. Anyone would say the bookshop is haunted! Will the Magic Rescuers solve it before anyone notices that there is magic behind it all?

"It's not common to find books that entertain, having that as they main objective, and where we can also get a lesson or final reflection from the reading." Páginas de Calabaza.

"A great book for young readers that want to try a little longer adventures. This collection will suit them perfectly well." Peques Lectores Club.