The Magic Rescuers 1 The Door to Imaginaria Sabrina Catdoor. Illustrations by David Sierra Listón. Ages 6+
104 pages, full-color illustrations
Genre: Fantasy, Humor, Adventure
Rights sold: Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque (La Galera), Russian (Clever Media)
ISBN: 9788424665685
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Collection: The Magic Rescuers The Magic Rescuers

Grandma Amelia is a very famous fantasy writer. What the kids don't know is that, when she was little, Amelia was the Magic Rescuer. Now she's too big to fit through the cat door. That's why Marina, Lucas and Zoe are the new... Magic Rescuers!

The kids find a magic world that can only be entered through the cat door and hurry to save Arcano, King of the Forest, from an ogre's den. During their trip they will have to deal with lots of fun obstacles, such as fickle sirens, greedy dwarves and dragons that look like lizards. And above all, they'll have to overcome their prejudices.