The One and True King of the Forest Iban Barrenetxea
Age: 6+
Adventure, Fantasy, Folklore
Rights sold: Spanish (A Buen Paso), Portuguese (Brazil), Simplified Chinese
ISBN: 9788494157912
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Winner of the Cuatrogatos Award (US) 2014.
Selected for the White Ravens catalogue of 2014.

“The elegance of the narrative, embellished with effective humour touches, matches with a clean illustration proposal, which outstands thanks to the characters’ expressivity and the balance of the composition.”
—Cuatrogatos awards

It’s the last day of autumn in the Northern forest, where there’s a tiny wood cabin. That’s the house of siblings Jaska, Kaspar and Masia. Masia is tall and stupid; Kaspar, boastful, low and fearful, and Masia, a determined, practical woman. She wants to make herself a fur scarf, that’s why she sends her brothers to the woods.
But what seemed a rather simple mission will get more and more complicated thanks to a clever white fox, three black ravens and King Primus the First. And they will all have to wait the arrival of the first snow to know who is the only and true King of the Forest.