The Skywind Airlines Book Club Silvia Aliaga
Young Adult
536 pages
Feel-good, Friendship, Romance, Mystery, Literature
Rights sold: Spanish (Nocturna), Russian
ISBN: 9788418440915
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Han Minho is going through a rough patch. He has to deal with the numerous blind dates his sister organises, his two best friends have moved to the centre of busy Seoul leaving him alone in Incheon and, on top of all that, the email he sent to everyone at the airline company where he works, proposing to found an employee bookclub, has had no responses. Well, until now… 

Kaya Baudin is just getting settled in Paris, far away from her little village in Normandy and everything she knows. 

Dorian Thoresby and Carolina Cabrera have nothing in common, but they are friends since they were 15 years old, when they stumbled upon each other in that street in Queens, New York. 

All three of them work at Minho’s same airline company. And all three of them will reply, for different reasons, to his email and become a part of the Skywind Airlines Book Club. What they don’t know is that responding to that email will change their lives forever.