The Terror Files #2 The Curse of the Roller Skates J. X. Avern. Illustrations by Xavier Bonet.
Age: 9+
192 pages, B/W illustrations
Horror, Mystery, Friendship, Technology, Bullying, Social media
Rights sold: Spanish (Bruño), Korean (Pulbit), Russian (Eksmo)
ISBN: 9788469622988
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For years, J.X. Avern has been investigating the paranormal mysteries of today. Dare to explore his terrifying Terror Files.

Mateo is dying to have a pair of skates. He's the only one of his friends who still doesn't have them but his parents won't let her.
Everything changes when he finds an irresistible offer online and buys them so cheaply it's almost as if they were a gift... but they come with an "infernal" hidden cost, and it won't be easy to return them.

  • Chilling horror stories with doses of humour and relevant social messages; against bullying, consumerism, etc.
  • A kind of Black Mirror for children, warning about the dangers of misusing technology.
  • Exclusive online content for social media.