The Water Gardens Silvia Aliaga Young Adult
400 pages
Time travel, Adventure, History, Mystery, Romance
Rights sold: Spanish (DNX Libros)
ISBN: 9788418354625
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Destiny seems to have brought Julia, Shui, Olivier and Elio together, but the future of their friendship and relationships only depends on them.

On a train heading to Venice, young Julia and Shui share a coach, but they don't know that this meeting will change their lives forever. She is moving to the city of canals in order to study art in the prestigious Academy. He is going back home after many years living in Shanghai. Olivier Salgari is the heir of the richest and most important family in Venice, but he feels trapped inside a golden cage. Elio can't stand Olivier, but he seems trapped too, since a motorbike accident suddenly destroyed all of his future plans. Neither of them knows it, but the destiny of these four young people is already written in a long-forgotten, wonderful play: The Water Gardens.