The Wolf's Smile Rafa Ordoñez. Illustrations by José Fragoso.
First Readers
40 pages
Dental hygiene, Animals, Humour
Rights sold: Alaestrella (Spanish)
ISBN: 9788412688801
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This is the story of a wolf whose teeth are very dirty and not very well cared for because he doesn't brush them. One day he tries to eat seven little goats but they run away from him precisely because of his horrible mouth. Embarrassed, the wolf decides to go to the dentist to find a solution so that he can have a shiny smile. Will he manage to eat the little goats? 

This is an ideal story for children to take care of their oral hygiene and to show them how important it is to brush their teeth. It is a book written and illustrated with a lot of humour, where laughter is guaranteed.