They'll Scream My Name Manu Carbajo
Young adult
304 pages
Thriller, Social networks, Friendship, Identity
Rights sold: Spanish (Loqueleo)
ISBN: 9788491224105
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Shortlisted in the Honour List elaborated by the OEPLI - Organización Española Para el Libro Infantil y Juvenil (IBBY of Spain), 2022.

“A novel with elements of horror and thriller rhythm, but where there’s also room for love, sci-fi and adventure, very well written and with a fast pace”. —Esquire

Nino is about to finish high school and start university, which, to him, is a true nightmare. Although he is the most intelligent student in his class, and exceptionally gifted in chemistry, Nino is afraid of being left alone in this new chapter in his life. His friends are going to follow different paths and he is so introvert and shy that he doesn't feel able to make new friends. So he decides to create a potion that will turn him into a braver, more social person.
Nevertheless, what starts off as a funny experiment ends up waking the darkest and most sinister side of the boy.