Ula and Hop 1 Ula and Hop Make a Friend Eric Lilliput. Illustrations by Laia López. Ages 6+
128 pages, full-color illustrations
Genre: Humour, Programming and Adventures
Published by Penguin Random House (Spanish and Catalan)
ISBN: 9788420433943
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Collection: Ula and Hop Ula and Hop

Can you imagine all that you could do with friends that fit in your pocket?

A new series for first-time readers with full-color illustrations! Two very small friends who have huge adventures. Ula and Hop are miniatures, small beings that secretly live among us. Dani doesn?t know that his new house is full of miniatures, but he?s sure that something strange is going on. There are strange noises; the toys get jumbled up without him touching them, and he thinks he?s seen one running across his room.

Careful where you step! There could be miniatures! 

  • Six titles in 2019!
  • A test and activity at the back of each book