Werewolf 1 The Poacher Pedro Riera
Young Adult
336 pages
Myths, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance
Rights sold: Spanish (ebook and audio, Saga Egmont)
ISBN: 9788728515112
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Collection: Werewolf Werewolf

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In that mountainous region, the belief in the existence of werewolves had been part of a centuries-old tradition that everyone felt very proud of, even though few took it seriously.
However, young Eduardo starts having doubts about it after a couple of close encounters with a strange presence in the forest, like some kind of predator... To make things worse, a certain rumour starts spreading, involving a werewolf hunter and writer that has just arrived at the village.

A most enjoyable trilogy for werewolf lovers, the wildest shape-shifting creature of folklore.

"Werewolf" is a fantasy young adult saga that follows Eduardo's adventures from the little town of Castañares and its forests full of legends until the violence of the big city.