Werewolf 2 The Bersekirs Pedro Riera
Young Adult
368 pages
Myths, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance
Rights sold: Spanish (ebook and audio, Saga Egmont)
ISBN: 9788728515136
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Since he discovered he is a werewolf, Eduardo's life hasn't been the same. And, to make things worse, he has been forced to exchange the comfort of his home for a hostile environment in the city.

While he tries to survive his new high school and his father, who locks him down at the basement on the weekends and forces him to transform, Eduardo feels tempted to join the Bersekirs, a street gang led by Jacob. They have only one goal in mind - getting the werewolves to rule the world.

Street gangs, the violence of supremacism and urban fantasy are part of the setting where this second instalment takes place.

"Werewolf" is a fantasy young adult saga that follows Eduardo's adventures from the little town of Castañares and its forests full of legends until the violence of the big city.