Werewolf #3 Fury Pedro Riera
Young Adult
452 pages
Myths, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance
Rights sold: Spanish (ebook and audio, Saga Egmont)
ISBN: 9788728515150
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Collection: Werewolf Werewolf

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Some people attract each other like magnets.

Eduardo and Alba have been together since all this madness started, since they met in Castañares and Eduardo discovered his werewolf nature. And they have faced together the violence of the big city. After having tried eveything to rebuld their lives and forget each other, their forbidden love is too intense and they always end up with each other. After two years of misunderstandings and hard trials, do they deserve a last chance?

"Fury" closes the "Werewolf" trilogy exploring the supernatural love between Eduardo and Alba, a great read for dark romance lovers.

"Werewolf" is a fantasy young adult saga that follows Eduardo's adventures from the little town of Castañares and its forests full of legends until the violence of the big city.