Kazaam Valley 2 Let's save the Magic-Con! María Rubio. Illustrations by Bea Tormo.
Middle grade
144 pages, full-colour illustrations
Fantasy, Adventure, Humour, Friendship
Rights sold: Spanish (Destino), Catalan (Estrella Polar)
ISBN: 9788408254089
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Coco is losing her mind. This year the Magic-Con is going to be celebrated in Kazaam Valley. In case you don't know, it's the COOLEST wizard convention in the universe. Just picture it: witches, fairies and magicians from everywhere, spell demonstrations, fantastic animals... and waffle stands!
But, if the Magic-Con is delirious, the way that Coco messes it up there is just EPIC. Really, it's so dodgy... that is puts the whole valley in danger!
Now, to save Kazaam, Coco will have to go on a journey, full of dangers and adventures, with Ham, a super powerful witch called Glinda and a goat.
Yes, that's right. A goat.
So you know: get ready for anything!