Kazaam Valley 3 Rescuing Mr. Ham María Rubio. Illustrations by Bea Tormo.
Middle grade
144 pages, full-colour
Humour, Adventure, Fantasy
Rights sold: Spanish (Destino, Planeta), Catalan (Estrella Polar, Planeta)
ISBN: 9788408260165
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Mr. Ham is missing.
Yes, yes, you heard right. He's nowhere to be found. He has disappeared. Vanished. Flown away.
You can turn your DRAMA mode ON, because this is a watermelon-size tragedy. Of course, Coco will do anything to save his beloved and hammy friend. She would even go to the end of the world!
And this is not only a way of speaking, because she ends up precisely in a place very similar to the END OF THE WORLD. So get ready to live a SUPERCRAZY and MEGALOL adventure with Coco and her new friends: a robot-dinosaur and a monkey that loves throwing bombs.
With this team, what can go wrong?